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Lat 39.24°N, Long 76.99°W, Elev 600ft (183m)

Current Weather Details

Last Updated: 2/27/20 on 6:29pm



Current: 1015.4mb and Rising
High: 1015.5mb at 6:18pm
Low: 1002.2in at 12:56am
Current: 0.9mb/hr
Max Increasing:   1.2mb/hr at 6:18pm
Max Decreasing: -0.0mb/hr at 2:49pm
Moonrise: 8:55am
Moonset:  9:48pm
Moon Phase: 4

Sunrise: 6:42am
Sunset:  5:55pm
Outdoor Temperature Indoor Temperature

Current: 32.1°F
High: 41.1°F at 12:04am
Low: 32.1°F at 6:24pm
Current: -1.5°F/hr
Max Increasing:   0.1°F/hr at 3:34pm
Max Decreasing: -2.1°F/hr at 5:55pm

Current: 66.4°F
High: 68.5°F at 1:59pm
Low: 65.3°F at 6:58am
Current: -0.3°F/hr
Max Increasing:   0.0°F/hr at
Max Decreasing: -0.9°F/hr at 4:17pm

Outdoor Humidity Indoor Humidity

Current: 53%
High: 99% at 12:00am
Low: 47% at 2:17pm
Current: 1.2%/hr
Max Increasing:   3.0%/hr at 4:52pm
Max Decreasing: -2.9%/hr at 4:05pm

Current: 39%
High: 45% at 1:49am
Low: 36% at 3:07pm
Current: 0.5%/hr
Max Increasing:   1.8%/hr at 5:12pm
Max Decreasing: -1.0%/hr at 3:07pm

Solar Radiation UV Index

Current: 0.0W/m2
High:   831.0W/m2 at 12:18pm
Month: 831.0W/m2 on 2/27/20
Current: -43.7W-hr/m2
Max Increasing:   151.8W-hr/m2 at 3:40pm
Max Decreasing: -217.6W-hr/m2 at 2:46pm

Current: 0.0
High:   3.8 at 12:01pm

4.0 on 2/18/20

Current: 0.0/hr
Max Increasing:   0.0/hr at
Max Decreasing: 0.0/hr at

Evapotranspiration Wind

Cumulative Today: 0.08in
Month: 0.08in on 2/27/20

Current: 21mph from  WSW
High: 42mph at 6:53am

Heat Index Wind Chill

Current: 33.2°F
High:   48.1°F at 12:04am
Month: 65.7°F  on 2/4/20

Current: 21.2°F
Low:    17.6°F at 6:19pm
Month: 7.8°F  on 2/21/20

Dew Point Rainfall

Current: 16.9°F
40.8°F at 12:04am

Glass Studio Temp: 55.0°F

Rainfall (Month): 2.89in
Rainfall (Today): 0.12in
Current Hour:

Rate:  0.00in/hr at
Rainfall (YTD):

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